In today's hugely globalized marketplace, the efforts of gearing towards sustainability in terms of quality, customer service, people, and environment are imperative. Lusai Forest Doors has been working relentlessly to achieve this since its inception. These factors play an important role in strengthening the company’s inner core. We practice them carefully enough to remain negligible in global carbon footprint, sustain an ever enthusiastic and motivated workforce, indulge our business partners with a feeling of reliability in quality assurance and stand by them through thick and thin.

These are the passionate agenda we undertake. Our group’s inner strength lies in the uncompromising dedication to quality. We believe in long-term partnerships and collaborations with our valuable stakeholders.

The environment is important to us. We have taken every possible step to minimize the carbon footsteps as much as possible. Clean fuel is used to reduce the toxic emissions and heat into the environment. The group continues its pursuit to work towards green production.

We intensely appreciate the contribution of the people in our company and their committed efforts over the years for its growth and sustainability. There is a solid policy regarding human resources in terms of training, development and job enrichment. We will continue to find new means and options to retain a motivated and happy workforce.