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Lusai Forest Doors, a leading composite wooden doors manufacturer in Bangladesh, brings you premium quality Frame and Panel of wooden doors.

Lusai Forest Doors has one of the unique Wooden operations, besides the Door project, it has two backward and forward linkage projects – Lusai Forest Saw Mill & Timbers and Lusai Forest Furniture, clearly setting the company apart from the rest of the wooden Frame and Panel companies in Bangladesh.

We source our raw wood (for Doors & Furniture) Burma Teak, Chittagong Teak (Sagoon), ShilKoroi, Mahogany, Gorjon, Gamari, Teak Chambal and so on from our own quarry in Rangamati, Khagrachori, Bandarban & Lama-Alikodom and some other foreign destinations like Myanmar & some African countries. So we have, for your home & business, the best quality Log Wood deposits in Bangladesh.

The state of the art Technology, International Standard Quality Control, and Monitoring System distinguish Lusai Forest Doors from the rest of the wooden Door manufacturing companies. Our products go through stringent quality control 24/7 monitored by the highly skilled workforce while our dedicated experts in the business concentrate on providing you the best product and services. We assure you that every single wooden Door and Furniture we sell performs just unique and the best.

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